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Barcelona – activities for Family and Kids
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Tibidabo Funfair

Children’s attractions are concentrated around Montjuïc, Tibidabo and the Port Vell, and reaching them is part of the fun! Among the transportation choices are: funiculars, trams, cable cars and golondrines (swallow boats), as well as the open-top Bus Turístic. The Poble Espanyol The Poble Espanyol is popular with children, with a resident glass-blower, arts and…

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Barcelona – attractions
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Sagrada Familia

Overview Go for holidays to Spain and have a once in a lifetime experience in this beautiful country. There is nothing more exciting and relaxing than visiting the famous places in this wonderful European country. Families and couples will surely enjoy the fantastic activities and things that they can do in Spain. They say that you don’t…

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Barcelona – city info
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Main information Population 1,505,581 in the city and a total of over 4,000,000 in city and suburbs. Elevation On the plain the elevation is only about 12 feet, but the city’s highest point, in the Collserola Hills at Tibidabo Amusement Park, is 1,680 feet above sea level. Time Zone Greenwich Mean Time plus one hour:…

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