Bangkok airports. How to get from the airport to the center of Bangkok

You can get from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok by train, which is of two types – regular and express. I was quite satisfied with the usual one – the trip from the airport to the nearest metro took about half an hour. Express travels twice as fast, on a special overpass, but it also costs more.

In the second Bangkong airport Don Mueang , it’s not so easy to get out of the city. The cheapest option is a train (similar to an electric train, but without electricity :), it is often late, you need to put in more time. Although, it takes 30-40 minutes to go there, so it’s unlikely to be too late.
From Don Mueang Airport to BangkokI rode the bus to the nearest subway. The bus is easy to find, it stops right at the exit. It is more expensive and, in principle, faster, but depends on traffic jams.
Don Muang was remembered for the huge queues at passport control upon arrival. Stayed for an hour and a half. I don’t know if it’s always like this or if it’s just my luck.


Bangkok public transport

In Bangkok, there is an elevated metro on flyovers (BTS) and underground (MRT), as well as high-speed buses (BRT – they also move along flyovers). There are, of course, regular buses, as well as taxis, tuk-tuks, and even river transport, which acts as a city transport.
It must be said that the most modern (the first three) modes of transport are completely absent in the historical center – I walked there and took a taxi back. I didn’t even try to understand the scheme of movement of ordinary buses, and a tuk-tuk for a long distance is absolutely unprofitable, and inconvenient.

Taxi, in the end, was not too expensive, but at first they asked for twice as much – you definitely need to bargain. To be honest, I’m not a master at this, so I just determined for myself the amount that I was ready to pay and stood to death not agreeing to anything else. 🙂 You also need to take into account that the roads in Bangkok can be very busy, there is a risk of getting stuck in a traffic jam.

The underground and overground metros operate completely independently, that is, if you need to go to both of them, not only will you have to make a transfer, you won’t get by with one ticket – you need to buy two separate ones. In the underground metro, a one-time ticket is a token, in the overground metro a card. Both must be applied to the turnstile at the entrance, and given to it at the exit.


Bangkok metro map
Bangkok public transport map

Subway tickets are bought in the machine, the English interface is everywhere, it does not present any difficulties. Cash desks with people are also available, but with a machine gun it is easier to explain. 🙂 In addition, quite often there are ticket offices that do not sell tickets at all, but only exchange money for vending machines.

Tickets are very expensive. Bangkok subway fares vary by distance, with a minimum ticket (to the nearest station) of 15 baht.
In general, the movement on the subway did not cause any problems for me. All inscriptions are duplicated in English, the transitions are clearly marked. The only thing you need, of course, is to plan the route in advance. Well, it’s not always clear where you went out – the same station can have a lot of exits that are quite far from each other.

During rush hours, the metro is overloaded, literally squeezing into the car is not always possible.


Bangkok. Sky Train Sky Train - BTS
Skytrain Bangkok Sky Train (Sky Train – BTS)


Weather in Bangkok

The climate in Bangkok is such that the air temperature is approximately the same all year round. During the day it is equally hot, even in winter, even in summer, the daily temperature ranges from 30 to 40 degrees. It is also quite humid, so it is impossible to say that this is a very comfortable place. In addition, smog constantly hangs over the city. Although, maybe this is an advantage 🙂 – it does not allow direct rays of the sun to penetrate.

In general, it is difficult to hide from the heat, but drinking plenty of water helps. It is better to carry water with you. I would not recommend buying it from street vendors, and supermarkets in Bangkok are still not every step, especially in the historical center ..

Prices and shopping in Bangkok

There are quite a few decent malls in Bangkok with a large selection of goods. I would not say that everything is directly several times cheaper than ours, but in principle, it is somewhat cheaper, especially goods from Asian manufacturers (this does not apply to electronics for some reason).
Street food
 in Bangkok is a separate issue.

There are many and it is very different, I think everyone will find something to their taste. Scatter – from small mobile carts (the so-called macarons) to entire blocks, like markets, only with food that is cooked right there. Huge food courts are a must in shopping malls and airports.
You can try everything fearlessly – in Thailand, the quality of street food is monitored very strictly.

Currency exchange in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the few cities in the world where the airport offers a very reasonable exchange rate. Not that it is the same as in the city, but it differs not so much as to not use the local point. Moreover, local money will be needed immediately to get from the airport to the city – no other currency will be taken from you, this is illegal.

You can also exchange your currency for the Thai baht at exchange offices in the city, but you still have to look for them. Exchangers exist at several metro stations, they can be just on the street.

A local feature – the rate depends on the denomination of the exchanged currency. That is, if you change 100 dollars or euros with one bill, the exchange rate will be more profitable for you than if you offered two bills of 50 or, moreover, 10 to 10. You
can pay with cards only in large shopping centers and supermarkets.


What to bring from Bangkok

Fruits, fruits and fruits. There are many exotic ones, many of them are delicious or at least unusual. You have to try everything and choose. I chose a lot and realized that there is still nothing better than a good mango. 🙂 Jackfruit is still not bad. For the most daring, there is a durian. For my taste it is quite acceptable, even very. The smell doesn’t bother me. 🙂 But, just durian cannot be taken – there is a direct ban on this. Because of the smell, of course.
I carried fruit in a suitcase, in plastic boxes, but you can also take it into the cabin. There are even special baskets.

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